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All products on this website are designed and manufactured by Azton Technologies.


Azton Technologies design and manufacture ITU G703 compliant transmission baluns, splitters, isolators and inter-series coaxial adaptors as components and as industry standard rack mounting panels.

Available from stock as a broad range of standard products with customization a specialty.

Interface and Connectivity Solutions for the
Telecommunications Industry Worldwide

Azton's Coaxial Adaptors are ideal for protecting expensive instrument interfaces from daily wear and tear, connecting incompatible cable runs and eliminating cable re-termination.

With over 100 types available from stock Azton's coaxial adaptors provide a short leadtime solution.

Azton's E1/E2 Baluns provide an industry leading 26dB return loss and 0.15dB insertion loss for 2,048kHz G.703 line code.

Azton's Dual Balun family now available with 1.0/2.3(f) coaxial connectors converting to  twisted pair (RJ45)

About Baluns

Transmission Baluns provide conversion from coax to twisted pair, matching 75/120W, 75/110W, 75/100W and other impedances. We support coaxial connectors BNC, 1.6/5.6(DIN), BT43(Type43), 1.0/2.3, SMB etc for conversion to twisted pair with Krone IDC, RJ45, Telco, D-Sub and other interfaces from stock. Customized products are a specialty and can be designed and produced on request.

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